Time flies and. the only memories we have in live is our photos and videos. They capture the most important moments in our lives and bring back the nostalgia from those moments.

Since my early ages I love see photographs. I use to spend hours and hours going through them and I can remember few time when I awake up in the middle of the night and went through all my mom’s albums and photos.

I love those old album and my parents wedding photos were my favorites. They were so young and them are the only photos that I have when my mom’s was expecting me. Unfortunately that time things were not easy and they didn’t have the opportunity to have them. I have few photos from when I was baby and they are so special to me. i keep them as a treasure.

When I see those photographs I realize that them tell my story and who I am. 


My parents couldn’t afford a camera for years so most of the photos from my childhood were taking from my uncles and aunts. When it was special occasions my dad use to hire a local photographer to came to the house and I remember his name and how much impact 

in my primary school