Hello there,

My name is Karen and my photography is a creative and documentary style. I love to capture those moments that people don’t realise portray the true and beautiful feelings on their day.

I’m originally from Brazil but I live in Dublin. I’ve been living  in Ireland for many years now and I absolutely adore the people and the heritage of here. The history, land and scenery are steeped in beauty.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over four years now. What began as a hobby many years ago became my passion and now the most rewarding career.

To me, what is most important is to make your day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. My work aims to produce wonderful memories of your day that expresses your happiness with no faults. This may be a tearful mother or a smiling proud father.

I’m a passionate and creative person but also a dreamer and I always dream of capturing that moment that takes your breath away.

To tell someones story through my photography is such a joy and a privilege. To most couples their memories of their day can sometimes be blurred as they experience so much excitement but also very busy schedule. I love seeing their reaction to the images of their day as the memories come flooding back.

To provide these life long memories for you is a great feeling. Five, ten, twenty years from now I know my work will make you smile and remember your special moments.

So lets meet, have a coffee and possibly begin this happy journey together,


Karen Stein xx